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1. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS. will enhance your knowledge. We’ll update our site timely and you can have a look on all the new updates as well as terms and conditions. Read the instructions carefully because our site is based on the following rules and regulations


This site is all about open database question answers commonly asked by the people in the interviews. Basically, we are working to enhance your knowledge. The overall data is given mostly by students or professors whereas people from all over the world shared their experience question and answers to us. We are not responsible for any plagiarism or incorrect Q/A. Because we are here to help you out and let you gain knowledge from our side. We are also not responsible for any problem for the content. If you are using our content kindly do it on your own. In case of any damage due to it don’t blame our site. You must know that. Spread it on your basis. Repetition of Questions can occur as you all know this site is collecting Q/A from different interviews asked by various personalities. Anyone who share his/her experience of interview or Q/A is not on our basis. Different people have different experiences. Some may have easy questioning. Some have different.
Moreover, one question may have more than one correct answer so try to choose the one which seems more accurate. We have right to delete any post from the site. Any illegal or, vulgar content will be removed immediately without any warning or inform. All trademarks and company names published in this site are subjected to their respected owners and companies.


Visitors can register on our site according to their interest. We allow our members to submit the data on the site. They have to maintain or modify it. Their personal information given in the registration form will not be shared to anyone and we’ll keep it confidential so don’t worry about it. Make sure to give proper information of yourself which is required in the form. We don’t verify the person who is register so make sure to add accurate information. Try to add precise data so our member can rely on your given data. We have right to expel anyone out from the site in case of any violation of our rules and regulations. Incorrect data and vulgar content is strictly prohibited.

4. ANTI-SPAM POLICY. is against to span or unsolicited emails. You are not allowed to use our services, referral and email for your personal or commercial use. By usage of this service you agreed that to our policies. In case of any violation of our rules and policies strict action will be taken against the defaulter.


All pages, data and graphics presented on this website are the property of The pages should not share in any form without the written permission of We respects the copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property of others & we expect the same from you. In this site, if you found any information that is owned by you or any content that violates your intellectual property rights, please contact to us with all necessary documents/information that authenticate your authority on your property.


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